Monday, April 27, 2009

Tiles that should come in green, but probably won't

Several companies announced new product lines slated for late 2009 production. These tiles will use clean air technology to fight pollution. Ceracasa Tile's 'BionicTile' cleans the air by converting nitrous oxide to inert nitrates. StonePeak's new photo catalytic titanium dioxide tile uses nanotechnology to clean the air.

They both sound like a fabulous idea. If they work, let's clad all our buildings in them!


  1. Hi Zoe, I have not seen your blog B4. I can't type much, movers coming tomorrow...eeeeks...looks like a bomb went off in here. I'll come back and read more later, Lundy

  2. Did you ever get more information about the clean air tiles. Sounds too good to be true.

  3. There is real science behind these, so I think it is for real. I just don't know if they are in production and selling yet. Who knows if they'll be affordable enough for people to actually use them.

    I'll find out more in April at Coverings and let you know!