Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tree Tile

Last night I posted about the moon. Later, it occurred to me that there's another moon tile that I'd like to share. This one by tile artist, Nawal Motawi--


Nawal and her brother Karim are very cool tile friends of mine, and although Karim isn't involved in the business any longer, they worked together for years. 

Nawal at work on a mural

These tree tiles remind me of the Pacific Northwest. They are so sublime and lovely that people frame individual tiles to hang as art.

Pine Landscape

According to the Motawi website, "The designs are brought to life by a tile-making process which is a journey itself.... The artful tile—the outcome of this shared obsession—is evidence that this duo and their artisan team is at the top of their craft."

No kidding. This is some seriously beautiful tile!
Pine Landscape Mountain
Happy Tu B’Shevat!

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